Price proposal | Save money | Your cheap car rental in Thessaloniki

With the "Price suggestion" option, you can suggest a price that you would like to pay for a rental car. We can then decide whether to accept, reject, or send a counter-proposal. Our 4rent team has at least 24 hours to process the offer.

A price proposal can be strategically beneficial if you are interested in renting a car and have a specific price in mind. Please be realistic in making fair price proposals and check the original offer date of the rental car.

To complete the booking, you must follow these steps:
1. Fill out and submit the price proposal form.
2. Wait for our response.
a) ✅ If the response is positive, you will receive a voucher code that you can use to book with the corresponding discount via our booking form
b) ❌ If the proposal is not accepted, you will receive a cancellation.

* Price proposal period from 01.09.2023 (click here for the current price list)
* The price is only related to the rental price.
* Category A & B is not available for this option.
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